Van Zandt County Historical Sites and Research Helps

Bobby Pearce's Field Guide to Historical Sites in Van Zandt County
provided by Bobby Pearce

One source for the above items is:
Some of these are out of print and rare so check the library Reference and Genealogy sections.

Statement from Bobby Pearce:
The purpose of this guide is to give researchers a tool to take in to the field that replaces many of the books and maps necessary to their work. I make no claims of authorship as this guide is merely a compilation of information from various sources, and is by its very nature, incomplete. This guide is very much a "work in progress", and your input is necessary for it to ever be completed. Please forward your corrections, additions or suggestions to me to aid in the improvement of this guide.

There is a list of various books and maps that can flesh out the brief outline of this guide furnished at the back of the guide and I encourage the reader to spend some time in the various libraries and museums of Van Zandt county. I recommend that some time be spent in the Genealogy section of the library as the records there contain more than just dry statistics.

Please keep me informed of your work as this guide is designed to help you and can only be as effective as your feedback.

August 13, 1995
Bobby Pearce
1918 Reever
Arlington, TX 76010

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