Biographies, People, and Places

The Biographies, newspaper articles, and other genealogical and historical information contained in this section has been transcribed from various sources. We have tried to credit everyone who contributed directly to this section, however, if we have missed anyone, please bring it to our attention and we will gladly give "credit where credit is due." From time to time, as information becomes available, we will add to this section in hopes of making it better. Additions, corrections, comments, complaints and compliments concerning this page should be submitted to Betty Miller and Patsy Vinson.

A. J. Adrian

C. A. W. Boothe (Addie Walton Boothe) submitted by Bob Boothe.

(Elder) C. C. Carr

(Mayor) Edward M. Chrestman

James Addison Clark

Henry Thomas Constant

(Dr.) Marion Love Cox

W. B. Cox

Arch Davidson

Jno. Wesley Davidson

(Dr.) Thos. Porter Davis

(Elder) Henry Philip Davis

Gideon Douglas

Franklin Lycurgus Eiland

(Dr.) Cornelius E. Farrell

Alva Fielder

(Judge) Thos. J. Foster

Harry T. Fry, M.D.

John William Fugate

Julius A. Germany

Henry F. Goodnight

(Hon.) W. J. Greer

Prof. Mesta Hale

Willis Jarrell Hale

J. V. Harris

James Thomas Hatton

Joseph Cicero Heard

Robert E. High

(Elder) Jordan William Hobbs

(Sheriff) John Wilson Howard

Charles Lee Hubbard

Joseph Edward Johnson

(Judge) J. G. Kearby

(Eld.) Elijah Robison Kuykendall

Jacob Bradford Lawler

(Judge) Robt. M. Lively

Wentworth Manning

Oscar Milton Marchman, M.D.

N. A. Matthews

Cornelius Asberry Mayfield

Edward J. McFarland

(Mayor) Thomas J. McKain

Bryant H. McKinnon

(Dr.) Jesse H. McMahon

(Prof.) John Wesley Miller

Due (sic) Milsaps

William Austin Thomas Murrey

Luther Alton Neil

(Prof.) Oscar N. Newburn

(Rev.) Joseph Guyton Nunnally

L. G. Phillips

William Austin Pilley

The Jacob Pirtle Family

James Samuel Pirtle Family Group Page

Raymond Edward "Buddy" Pirtle Family

George "Wash" Washington Pirtle & Martha Hames Parker Pirtle Family

Cyrus Jerome & Mattie Adell Perkins Pirtle Family

(Eld.) Thomas McAdams Post

Marion Reed

John Newland Reynolds

Jacob Chesby Rhodes

(Eld.) D. D. Richardson

B. P. Riddle

Andrew Jackson Riley

David Love Riley

Randolph Macon Samford

John Miles Shivers submitted by Glydie Ann Nelson.

(Dr.) Charles Pinkney Smith

Elijah Sullivan

(Dr.) J. T. Tucker

George Washington Tull

G. H. Wallace

James M. Weeks

William O. Williams, M.D.

William Wills submitted by Cindy Wills

Thomas Jefferson Wood

Tom Rusk Yantis

Your Hosts for Van Zandt County, Texas
Betty Teal Miller Patsy Finley Vinson