Van Zandt County Events and Attractions

The information for this section was taken from the a current area telephone directory and other informational sources that were made available to us. Additions, corrections, comments, complaints and compliments concerning this page should be submitted to Betty Miller and Patsy Vinson.


Annual Blue Bird Festival - Wills Point Texas. Contact the Wills Point City Offices. (903/873-2578)

Annual Christmas Bazzar - Edgewood, Texas. Contact the Edgewood City Hall or Chamber of Commerce. (903/896-4241)

Canton First Monday Trade Days - Canton, Texas. Contact the First Monday Office in Canton. (903/567-6556)

Salt Festival - Grand Saline, Texas. Contact the Grand Saline Chamber of Commerce. (903/962-7147)

Oil Festival - Van, Texas. Contact the Van Chamber of Commerce. (903/963-5051)


Edgewood Historical Society - 103 E. Elm St. (903)896-1940.

First Monday Trade Days - (903) 567-6556

Van Area Oil and Historical Museum - Hwy 16 W, Van, Texas (903)963-5435

Wills Point Depot Museum - 210 W. South Commerce St., Wills Point, TX (903)873-8626

Salt Palace - 100 W. Garland (Hwy. 80), Grand Saline, TX (903)962-5631

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