A Clip From
" Footprints in the Salty Sand "

The General Van Zandt County Special 1912

This movie clip was taken from: "Footprints In The Salty Sand", a pictorial history of Grand Saline, Texas and the surrounding towns & communities. The history on the original 6 hour DVD set of 3, was compiled & narrated by Galloway Darby of Grand Saline. Betty Pickens Phillips of Grand Saline restored the pictures and produced the DVD.

The 6 hour, 3 disk set is offered for sale by the Grand Saline Main Street Downtown Revitalization Project.
Contact Rex White at
the Grand Saline Downtown Revitalization Office
The original DVDs are of much better quality than this clip due to downsizing film to upload to the web.
 Most computers can play this video. Your computer may ask you to turn on an active X player. This is not uncommon. On most computers, you can double click on the video screen and watch the clip full screen but the quality may be less.
The train wreck victims are returned home to Edgewood for burial.
A tragic train wreck in 1912 killed the Leonard Hollis family of Edgewood. Neighbors and friends gathered to meet the train and pay their respects to Mr. & Mrs. Hollis and their two daughters.

Edgewood's "Old Smokey Row" is in the background.

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